Friday, October 25, 2013

Palm Beach Florida LIfts off with Relentless

Latest Watersports craze lifts off in the Palm Beaches 

Relentless Watersports

Relentless Watersports is causing a stir in Riviera Beach and West Palm with the newest craze in watersports --their water Jetpack know as the JETLEV

What's a JETLEV?

A jetpack designed for use in the water. The pilot´s center of gravity is well below the thrust planes of the nozzles which ensure fore-aft (pitch) and side-to-side (roll) stability. Since the mass of water in the supply hose increases with height, stability increases further from both mass and lower center of gravity.

The water jets operate at relatively low pressures. The longer they travel, the more the water drops slowly down from air friction. The jets have very mild impact forces after they descend 30 feet. 
The Jetlev has the ability to hover, stop quickly and reverse directions in the air.

Flying in a jetpack maintains the pilot's body in a primarily vertical posture. The water hose limits flight altitudes to less than 30 feet and water serves as an excellent safety net at normal operating heights and speeds. Vertical entry speed is no more than 30 mph and has been well-proven by 10 m platform divers to be low in risk.
Since the pilot is strapped securely to the jetpack, and the back rest supports the pilot from head to hip, fall impact with the water is absorbed gradually and simultaneously over large areas of the body, and there are little opportunities for secondary collisions to occur between 

Take a virtual trip on the JETLEV  below

Relentless Watersports has two locations in the Palm Beaches: Riviera Beach and West Palm

Embassy Suites Palm Beach Gardens is a convenient to both locations.   All guests enjoy:

  • Free cooked to order breakfast
  • Complimentary Evening Reception
  • Two Room Suite
  • Free hotel shuttle to Singer Island/Riviera 
  • Packages that include Bonus Hhonor Points, Free Internet Access, Gift Cards and more!
Click Here to choose the overnight package  perfect for your JETLEV lift off!

map showing Embassy Suites Palm Beach Gardens 10 minutes to Riviera Beach & 15 to West Palm Beach

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