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102 Reasons to come to the 101st South Flordia Fair

south florida fair Jan.18-Feb.3,2013

South Florida Fair, West Palm Beach Florida

There are really 102 reasons--#102 is the special offers from

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And enjoy the other #101 reasons to come to the South Florida Fair:

Reason #101 - A new themed exposition every year!In 2013 we will feature Washington D.C., our nation's capital. From a replica of the oval office and a Lincoln Memorial replica sculpted in 300 ton of sand to an interactive voting display for the little ones, there is something for everyone in this educational, patriotic exhibit!
Reason #100 - An all american ice skating show!It’s worth the price of admission itself. The “America On Ice” skating show will perform 4 times daily in the Ford Theater at the South Florida Fair. Free, with Fair admission!
Reason #99 - The mechanical Bull Ride!The challenge is to stay on and have fun doing so! The Mechanical Bull Ride at the South Florida Fair gives you the experience of a bull rider in training. Show off to your friends and family: Share your photo if you have ever tested your skill on the mechanical bull at the Fair!
Reason #98 - Homemade Ice Cream in Yesteryear Village!There’s something special about homemade ice cream. Taste the difference and see what the folks in historic Yesteryear Village have churned up. Homemade ice cream is in a world of its own! What flavor is your favorite?
Reason #97 - Our horse shows in the Kubota Agriplex horse complex!Florida is the winter horse show capital of the world. The Kubota Agriplex horse complex presents a variety of equestrian events from dressage, show jumping and pleasure shows to western, barrel racing and clinics and more. The shows are FREE with your Fair admission ticket!
Reason #96 - Candy by the pound!The World's Largest Traveling Candy Store! Approximately 2000 sq. feet of candy! Once inside, you will find a huge selection of nostalgic candies, such as Bonomo's Turkish Taffy, BB Bats & Kits, Old fashioned lollipops, caramels, Saltwater Taffy, Licorice, Candy Cigarettes, Wax Candy, and so much more!
Reason #95 - The Miss South Florida Fair Scholarship Pageant!Watch a spectacular stage production while talented young ladies compete at the Miss South Florida Fair Scholarship Pageant. Over $9,000 in scholarships each year! Miss America certified judges select the winner who advances to Miss Florida, where she will compete to represent our state at the Miss America Pageant.
Reason #94 - Breathless moments at Mutton Bustin'!Be sure to check out Mutton Bustin’ at the Kubota Agriplex arena. Similar to bull riding, kids age 5-7 under 45 pounds (geared up with safety helmet and padded vests) ride sheep and hang on in a spirited competition while the sheep do their best to dump them! Prizes are awarded to kids who stay on the longest.
Reason #93 - A myriad of photo opportunities!Whether it’s the evening splendor of carnival lights or family enjoying a sensational ride or corn dog, the South Florida Fair is a terrific place for photo opportunities. Capture memories. Bring your camera or use your smartphone and click away to your heart’s delight!!!
Reason #92 - Everyone loves a parade!The South Florida Fair parades are a treasured procession of people, marching bands, entertainers and more!!! Pick out your spot along the parade route on the main streets and enjoy the celebration Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Sunday afternoons...
Reason #91 - glide on the sky ride!Whether it’s with the family, friends or someone special, the South Florida Fair Sky Ride is a can’t miss attraction. Glide effortlessly across the 136 acre Fair and take in the spectacular sights, sounds and flavors of one of Florida’s biggest fairs. When you get to the other side, you may just want to ride again; it’s that good!
Reason #90 - Watch the birth of a baby calf!Did you know that nearly every day at the South Florida Fair a baby calf is born? Check out the “Mooternity Tent” sponsored by Florida Dairy Farmers where veterinarians are on standby to help deliver and nurture the newest additions to the fair’s agriculture family!!
Reason #89 - a historic Florida village!Time stands still in historic Yesteryear Village! See how folks lived in inland South Florida during the late 19th century. Stroll through over 20 historic buildings including The Bink Glisson Historical Museum and The Sally Bennett Big Band Hall of Fame, the only big band hall of fame in the United States!
Reason #88 - 15 Varieties of Rabbits!Where else can you see and enjoy 15 varieties of rabbits? The South Florida Fair rabbit tent houses them all and is an excellent source on bunny care, behavior and health. Rabbits can make wonderful pets with special care. Find out more at the rabbit tent, part of the expansive Kubota Agriplex at the Fair!!!
Reason #87 - Always FREE parking!Parking is always FREE at the South Florida Fair with over 6,000 on site spaces available!!! We also offer Preferred Parking which places you closer to the front door for as little as $10 on weekdays and $20 on weekends.
Reason #86 - the perfect setting for a romantic date!What could be more romantic than watching the sunset from our 100-foot high Giant Wheel?
Reason #85: Pony rides!The annual South Florida Fair is all about making family memories. Pony rides will make certain your little one has a day they’ll never forget! Capture the joy on their face as they get to ride gentle, well groomed and well-cared for ponies.
Reason #84: our 400-ton sand sculpture!In your childhood, perhaps you enjoyed making sandcastles and sand sculptures on the beach. In January, watch and marvel as professionals mold and form a replica of the Lincoln Memorial, part of the Fair’s “Washington, D.C., Our Nation’s Capital” Expo theme this year. The creativity and imagination will blow you away!!!
You never know what you’ll take home from the Fair. Maybe a dog or a cat? PBC Animal Care offers a variety of hearty, furry companions for adoption waiting to share a lifetime of love with you and your family. Specialists will help match your lifestyle with a dog or cat that suits you best. Find your new best friend!
Reason #82 - America's only Big Band Hall of FameWhile at the Fair, take a sentimental journey through America’s only Big Band Hall of Fame, showcasing famous instruments, lighted cases of sheet music and costumes as well as photos and records lining the walls. From Glenn Miller and Artie Shaw to Harry James and the Dorsey brothers, experience one of our nation’s greatest music eras!!!
Reason #81 - World's best funnel cakes!The South Florida Fair is home to the world’s best funnel cakes. Golden brown and deep fried, plain or with powdered sugar or topped off with jam, cinnamon or fresh fruit...Can life get possibly any better?
REASON #80 - Stars are made here!Check out any of dozens of local singers, dancers and entertainers competing at the annual Starz of the Future extravaganza. The competition pre-dates American Idol and several local performers have gone on to professional show business careers. See them before they hit the big time!
Reason #79 - the racing pigs showWhat would a South Florida Fair be without pig races? Belly up to your seat and watch these porkers go for the bacon! The Hambone Express Racing Pigs Show will tickle your funny bone and entertain the whole family several times each day.
Reason #78 - Bid on a steer!Did you know you can actually bid on a steer at the South Florida Fair and help a youth at the same time? The annual Livestock Market Auction showcases youth exhibitors from throughout Florida and their market animal projects. Bid and make a purchase individually or as a group on Saturday evening, January 26th!!!
Reason #77: Be dazzled by Wade Henry!Don’t be surprised if you bump into Wade Henry at the Fair. He is an accomplished juggler, unicyclist, ropewalker, fire eater, equilibrist, magician and comic who will dazzle you on a Fair street corner!
Reason #76: Corn dog heaven!The South Florida Fair is corn dog heaven! Wait ‘till you sink your teeth into a succulent hot dog skewered on a stick, dipped in corn batter and fried to golden brown. Save lots of room in your tummy!!
Reason #75: Scholarship Award night!The South Florida Fair is proud to award $26,000 in Scholarships annually to worthy students who have exhibited a desire to further their education. Our purpose is to encourage young people, who might not otherwise have an opportunity, to pursue a college education. Meet the deserving recipients on Award Night!
Reason #74: ROTFL!Hypnotist Mark Yuzuik combines music, comedy and hypnosis to entertain and involve his entire audience. Who knows? You might be selected “to go under” and become an hilarious part of one of Mark’s shows. Every show is unique. You will be rolling on the floor laughing!!!
Reason #73: The elephant encounter!New to the South Florida Fair this year is Elephant Encounter! An educational and entertaining experience for the entire family, you are guided up close and personal with the world’s largest animals. No place will you see elephants like you are going to see at the fair. It may change the way you think and feel about these magnificent creatures forever and is FREE with your fair admission ticket!!!
Reason #72: The Landsharks Band!If you’re looking for fun music, there is nothing like The Landsharks Band. Always a blast and everyone gets involved!! The Landsharks are widely known as one of the most entertaining and interactive party bands in the world! One thing’s for sure: you will be entertained. 
Reason #74: the Mega Drop!Do you have what it takes? The South Florida Fair Mega Drop may be the most courageous ride or attraction. Strap in and hang on as you are lifted seemingly to the sky. After being suspended for what seems like forever, you suddenly free fall back to Earth!
Reason #70: the Barbershop Quartet competition!Harmonizing in concert is one thing, but harmony sung in competition is even better. Imagine barbershop quartets, one after another, each putting out their very best material. People will hear all those great old songs and harmonies, done in a format like today's reality shows!!
Reason #69: It's a sweet story!Sugar is big business in Palm Beach County. Learn more than a spoonful at the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative display at the Sundy Feed Store. Whether it's raw sugar in bulk or white sugar in bags, it's a sweet story!!!
Reason #68: the Baby Beautiful contest!Bring your baby and stroll the stage for a chance to win the Baby Beautiful trophy! There are multiple categories in this fun-filled contest. Who knows? It could be the beginning to something special!
Reason #67: The Dennis Lee show!South Florida Fair Hall of Famer Dennis Lee is one of today’s most dynamic entertainers having performed in front of over 1 million people at countless events, including opening for pop superstar Sheryl Crow!!!
Reason #66: the Riddle House!It was initially a funeral parlor. Then, it became a private residence. The Riddle House, in historic Yesteryear Village, has seen its share of ghost stories. One of Florida's most active haunts, dare to check it out!
Reason #65: A state of the art Milking Parlor!Ever seen a cow milked? You can at the Fair! Whether it's the Fair's state of the art milking parlor or a youth tending to dairy cattle in a stall, you'll be amazed at Mother Nature in action!!!
Reason #64: the Moonglow experience!Experience moonglow! Find out what phase the moon was in the day you were born at the MoonGlow booth in Expo West! Moonglow is no ordinary jewelry. Moonglow is an experience. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy making it available to you!
Reason #63: the Cheerleading competition!Watch over 500 girls jump and dance in the annual Florida Cheerleading Competition at the Fair. The high level event rewards cheerleaders for their work on the sidelines and rewards them for their energetic talents!!
Reason #61: the Yesteryear Village General Store!
Visit our quaint little general store in Yesteryear Village and pick up some great jellies or jams and homemade items….give as gifts or just treat yourself! And if you are into giving gift baskets, you will have fun creating a basket from our great selection of merchandise!
Reason #60: elephant ear heaven!
Have you ever had a day when you were craving a South Florida Fair Elephant Ear? Floating on a cloud of powdered sugar and deep-fried dough, you can even select your favorite sweet topping! You and your party will think you’ve gone to heaven! Everyone will enjoy this heavenly treat!!!
Reason #59: the 4-H youth development program!
4-H is the nation's largest youth development organization supporting young people from elementary through high school. Check out 4-H exhibits and learn more about their hands on activities in science, citizenship and healthy living.
Reason #58: a 100 ft. long super slide!
There are over 90 great rides at the South Florida Fair!!! One of the most exhilarating is the Super Slide. Slip down multiple levels; over 100 feet long!
Reason #57: our bike nite parade!
More than 300 motorcycles parade their way around the Fairgrounds at the annual Bike Nite on January 24th, sponsored by Harley-Davidson of Palm Beach. The energy these bikers create is unforgettable…so are the dazzling motorcycles and their riders!
Reason #56: the embryology program!
See all the chicks that hatched in our area schools this year during the embryology program at the Educational Center in the Rabbit Tent. While you're there, check out all the breeds and more than 15 varieties of these magnificent animals.
Reason #55: our 4th annual classic tribute band competition!
A rockin' concert event, judged by local celebrities! On Saturday, January 26 starting at 2:00 pm, competing tribute bands will be giving a driving performance of all the greatest classic rock hits, all free with Fair admission!!!
Reason #54: watch a cow being groomed!
Shampoo, brushes, hair spray, and hair dryers? It’s not a hair salon, it’s the Fair’s Kubota Agriplex!!! Teens and future farmers from throughout Florida showcase their livestock where you can watch while their animals are being prepared for the fitting & grooming competition!!!
Reason #53: the chocolate-peanut butter milkshake!
What could be richer than a chocolate-peanut butter milkshake? It’s made with real peanut butter…and it's so thick, you'll have to eat it with a spoon!
Reason #52: fashion jewelry for less than you can imagine!
Visit our commercial buildings for home improvement items, home furnishings, art, leather goods, toys, crafted items, crystals, clothing, and fashion jewelry for less than you can imagine…and shop ‘til you drop!!!
Reason #51: the new firefighter training show
What child hasn't wanted to become a firefighter or be part of a firefighter demonstration? Cheer on our new trainees as the show's activities become a fun competition between our volunteer firefighters who are selected from the audience. Catch the show at Yesteryear Village!
Reason #50: always free admission for kids 5 and under!
Coming to the Fair with kids under 5 years old? We’ve got pint sized rides and games for your little ones!!! Admission is free for kids 5 and under every day of the 17 day South Florida Fair!
Reason #49: the Mayors' Parade!Local mayors representing all 38 Palm Beach County municipalities have each been invited by the South Florida Fair to be a part of the Mayors' Parade on Sunday, January 27th at 1:00 p.m. Watch them and cheer as they cruise the grounds on cool convertible cars!!!
Reason #48: the Motorsports Experience!It's more than a car show, right here at the Fair!!! The Motorsports Experience captures the action and excitement of motorcycles, race cars, collector, muscle cars, and more!
Reason #48: the Motorsports Experience!It's the best kept secret in Yesteryear Village!!! A fourth generation, family owned business serving top of the line sirloin tips and red potatoes, topped with onions, peppers and mushrooms…mmmmmm…only at the Fair!!!
Reason #46: watch palm beach area bands perform!You just might see your neighbor performing at the South Florida Fair! A few of this year’s talented, West Palm Beach area bands who will be performing on stage include Brooke Eden and the Devil’s Cut Band, Midnight Rodeo Band and Panic Disorder. Check http://www.southfloridafair.com/ for times and locations!
Reason #45: lil' pardner land!The little ones will love Lil' Pardner Land!!! It's a midway their size with rides for young children including the Carousel, Lollipop Swings, Kiddie Bumper Boats, Jumping Star, Circus Train, Mini Dumbos, Swamp Gator, Dragon Wagon, Crazy Plane, the Speedway and many others where parents can ride along!!!
Reason #48: the Motorsports Experience!You will think you are seeing double when "Twins of All Ages" take the stage! All twins are invited to compete in this fun and entertaining contest. Triplets are welcome too!!!
Reason #43: the daily game shows!Are you a person with all the answers? If so, you'll love being part of the daily game show contests held in the Expo East Theater. Participants will be selected from the audience, so smile big and look smart so the emcee picks you to be a star!
Reason #42: the 750 varieties in the poultry tent!Just when you think you've seen it all, there's the Poultry Tent! Of the 750 exhibits in the Poultry Tent, there are more than 25 different breeds of chickens, 6 different ducks, and 2 different breeds of turkeys, pheasants, and quail!!!
Reason #41: the Fire Museum!Get your picture taken on a 1924 American La France 75 ft. aerial fire truck in Yesteryear Village's Fire Museum or listen to true stories from veteran firefighters!!!
Reason #40: Enzo Milano!Get your hair curled (or straightened) at Enzo Milano in Expo West!!! A premier brand used by stylists in the entertainment industry and on fashion runways, Enzo Milano products are available today to pros and beauty enthusiasts alike, only at selected salons and now at the South Florida Fair!
Reason #39: take home some fresh honey!Check out the honey bee exhibit at the Sundy Feed Store and take home some fresh honey!!! It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!
Reason #39: dustin lynch in concert!He just released the music video for his new single "She Cranks My Tractor," after his hit single "Cowboys and Angels" reached #2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in October!!! Dustin Lynch performs at the Fair on Tuesday, January 22 at 8 PM.